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Lunch on Saturday (was: Re: [hox] Food - one option sat/sun....)


4 days ago Yuwei Lin wrote:
As said, I am unable to take on this task of arranging social events and 
food on site (including ordering take-away). Please deliver this task to 
whoever volunteers to do them.

No problem. We'll manage this. This mailing list exists to sort things
like this out so not all the work needs to be done by a single person.

4 days ago Mark van Harmelen wrote:
If we go the oh la la as Stefan *might *be suggesting then
- they would like the work

but to be very specific about this (sorry but we must be precise here)

You are welcome.

   1. Yuwei must be happy that we are using non university caters - or we
   find a way around the fact that we use non-university caters, eg Oh la la
   parks a van in the street outside and we all walk out to collect our lunch,

I thought about this also. But of course indoor would be better in
case of bad weather.

   which in this case would I guess be sandwitch packs, fruit and yogurt - in
   either case Yuwai must be happy as the interface to the University, after
   all she does work for them and has a dual role in this matter, and needs to
   be on the right side of the university

That thing really seems like a risk to me and I don't want Yuwei to
carry this risk.

Or we do the subway pre-order kind of thing as Stefan suggests

Yesterday Matthew Larsen wrote:
Might be worth grabbing a Subway / Macdonalds menu or something, asking
people to write down what they want on the day + hand over money, and
someone could just do a run and grab the whole lot?

Mainly becaue of the risk which Yuwei would have to carry I think we
should use the Subway option.

There is also a simple option how we can provide people with order
forms. We are going to have a visitor package consisting of local
information and information about the conference anyway. It's
absolutely no problem to add an order form with say 5 different Subway
standard sandwiches.

I'd find it great if some Manchester based person goes to Subway (at
best: tomorrow) and does these things:

* Checks with them that an order of 80-140 sandwiches on Saturday
  morning is ok with them.

* Finds out when they need the final order to be ready at 13:00.

* Asks them for a suggestion of a standard choice of say 5 different
  Subway sandwiches including prices.

  I think we can't handle the full choice of combination possible with
  Subway sandwiches so we must limit to a pre-defined choice.

  May be a choice with little overlaps is fine so someone who likes
  only pork can have a "Ham" sandwich.

  Only constraint I see is that the choice needs to contain the
  "Veggie Delite" with vegan sauce.

* Grabs some standard menus we put to the conference bureau so people
  can check what they like to have.

* Reports back the choice to me and I'll prepare a quick paper form to
  be included in the visitor package.

  If Subway has such a form already this would be even easier.

Who is ready to check with Subway?

During the conference people are informed about the lunch during
check-in (point 4). On Saturday morning the session helpers will
remind people and inform about the exact procedure.

People return their form to the conference bureau during Saturday
morning and also pay in advance.

Someone grabs the filled forms and the money walks up to Subway and
fetches and pays the sandwiches. May be a car is necessary here.



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