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[hox] Food - one option sat/sun....

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I have always found the university area pretty much hopeless for food on a
Saturday and a Sunday. Maybe I am just a fussy eater

Ok there are some places, these are the options

   - A bar/pub called called Kro, and a place in the museum (also a Kro
   outlet) but I'm not really a fan.
   - Up the road, you can get a lamb kebab which is OK in Abduls (or chicken
   or donner kebab if you eat that stuff, I dont)
   - Up the road, a pretty basic pizza
   - Up the road,  an overpriced vegetarian meal at The 8th Day.

Maybe Yuwei knows of more options, but I think that this is it.

Alternately, I have a couple of friends who have a catering business, Oh La
La Catering.

I have used them for a meeting in the past, and was very pleased. They are
very good at special diets eg vegetarian, lactose intolerant / wheat free,
gluten free, totally organic if anyone needs these options. Hot or cold food
is possible. I do  recommend them.

However, in the current economic climate things are difficult What they can
not afford to do is have someone say to them we need x meals for Saturday
lunch and then only x/2 people want a meal and pay for it. That would be a
problem for them.

If anyone wants to use them, I can set that up.  They would need to know
around now about numbers in order to book any extra staff they may need to
prepare the meal, and they need an assurance that all meals will be paid

So questions for discussion please:

   - Do we want to use them for sat or sun lunch
   - If so what would the numbers be (or how can we find that out), and
   - How can we assure payment? thanks....

I believe that they may have paypal if people wanted to organise payment
individually in advance, or maybe someone could take care of that? I can
interface and find out meal options and prices if we want to go down that


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