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[hox] Drinks on-site

Hi helpers!

There are two things which need to be addressed still. One thing is to
have drinks on-site. I checked with Yuwei already but I understood
that she can not help here.

Here is what I think: We need a couple of crates of mineral water and
similar things - for instance some lemonade or so (no alcohol). These
need to be placed close to the conference bureau and we have an open
cash box where people pay. We just trust people to be honest here. The
cash box is emptied from time to time so the risk in case of theft is
not too big.

In Germany you can buy crates on commission meaning that you can bring
back what you did not need. I guess in UK there will be similar
arrangements possible.

All what is needed here is a local person who is ready to fetch the
crates and cares about bringing the leftovers back. I guess 100 liters
should suffice - this would be ~8 crates consisting of 12 1-litre
bottles. A normal car should be able to transport this.

Anyone ready for this task?



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