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Re: Audio recording (was: Re: [hox] oekonux4 - recording ? streaming ?)

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Yes Stefan , Audio "sounds" good !

I can lend my laptop for some sessions if needed.

/// Sorry for not being in Manchester to help - yet I ll make suggestions:

Maybe the University has a technical department with such audio equipment it
may want to lend ?

Or if not, could any local radio be willing to lend some equipment ?

On Wed, Mar 18, 2009 at 9:14 PM, Stefan Merten <smerten> wrote:

Hi Dante, all!

That's a topic I wanted to address also.

2 days ago Dante-Gabryell Monson wrote:
Are there Video Cameras and is it desirable to record and/or stream some
the presentations ?

If yes, perhaps some tools such as may be useful ?

What we definitely need is audio recording. Audio streaming is nice
but secondary compared to simple recording in very good quality. Video
is even less important (I often wondered what the value of a talking
head really is compared to the effort and bandwidth this needs...).

So if anyone has access to recording equipment for the three main
tracks and may be an additional for a spontaneous session this would
be great.

What we need at the very minimum is:

* 3-4 microphones

 They need to work well on laptops. At best this has been checked
 before the conference.

 Best microphones for this conference would have a sphere
 characteristic - not a kidney characteristic (I don't know the
 technical terms in English and can't look them up right now :-/ ).

 I can bring one with me.

* 3-4 microphone holders

 Some facility to place the microphone in any height at any place.
 (Again I don't know the correct English term ("Stativ" in German).)

* 3-4 laptops

 They would be connected to the microphones and do the recording.
 They need enough free hard disk space so recording to a
 non-compressed format in stereo CD quality is possible long enough.

 At best they could simply stand there and record and record and
 record... The gaps between two sessions would be cut afterwards.

Other recording equipment would be of course nice but ultimately the
recordings need to be brought to a computer.

It will be the duty of the session helpers to care about the technical
equipment. At the very minimum they need to care for that the
microphone is used.

Streaming depends very much on the Internet capacities we have. This
is not fully clarified yet.



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