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[hox] Re: [spox] Session helpers needed

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hi stefan

i can chair/help second day (saturday) from 9-1.30 pm room 2, any or all of
them (thats for saravia, mccarthy and meyer),



On Sat, Mar 14, 2009 at 2:38 PM, Stefan Merten <smerten> wrote:

Dear speakers, dear helpers,
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during the conference we want to have one helper for each event (aka
session chair). Typical tasks of such a helper are

* introduce the speaker and otherwise care for him/her

* help with technical equipment

* check for time

* moderate a discussion

We will provide check lists for this task and support the session
helpers during the conference (probably by a short meeting explaining
the details).

For someone who wants to attend some event anyway it is usually very
little additional effort to act as a session helper. However, since we
have lots of sessions we need lots of help here. So if you are ready
to help a little with this please send a note to the list you received
this mail by telling which events you are ready to support.

I'll care about maintaining this information and will give an overview
of which helper is assigned to which event and what is still needed.



Dr Athina Karatzogianni
Lecturer in Media, Culture and Society
The University of Hull
United Kingdom
phone: ++44 (0) 1482 46 5790

Check out Athina's work:

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'Today the problem is that the glaciers are melting too quickly, and the
ideas that constructed world politics not quickly enough' Ken Booth 2007.

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