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Free Software and Beyond
The World of Peer Production

Diego Saravia

Teacher, politician, free software advocacy.

Salta City Council member 2008-2009 (elected)

PDVSA (Petroleos de Venezuela, SA) advisor in Free Software, from september, 2005, Venezuela.

Profesor Titular, Faculty of Exact Science, Universidad Nacional de Catamarca, Informatics in postgraduate studies "Maestra en Energas Renovables". Assistant Professor in Physics Department, Faculty of Exact Science, Universidad Nacional de Salta. Researcher at Inenco, the Institute of non-conventional energies, UNSa-CONICET. Argentina.

Co-author of the Hipatia foundational Manifesto (http://www.hipatia.info), an international organisation that promotes freedom of general knowledge and, in particular, defends the use and development of free software. Member of SOLAR directive. http://www.solar.org.ar

Secretary of Technical Cooperation and Computer management coordinator at the National University of Salta, Argentina. (2001-2004)

Author of the first Argentine distribution of GNU/Linux: Ututo (http://www.ututo.org), operates from a CD without the need for installation. Ututo was designed to be easy used by anybody without the requirement of special technical skills.

Participant in the national management of the "Partido del Frente" Party - FREPASO, Argentina (2003), Chairman of the same in Salta (2000). Was Vice-chairman of the Deliberating Council in Salta (1996) and Municipal Environmental Secretary (1998). Author of numerous bylaws and of parts of the latest amendment to the Constitution for the Province of Salta at environmental level. Implemented various municipal programmes on such diverse issues as: urban forestation, the struggle against dengue, relocation of Natural gas plants, the organisation of waste handling systems in Salta, environmental, noise control, industry, fuel supply stations, gaseous emissions, liquid gas, liquid fuel reporting systems, first omnibus to GNC in Argentina, management of green areas, animal protection, environmental diagnosis, etc. (http://www.unsa.edu.ar/sma)

Research in Solar Energy and applied Computer developments: psicro, ekeko, mojotoro, etc.. Generated different websites. Managed and manages various assistants, undergraduate students and gives conferences in the Southern Cone of Latin American on subjects linked to Free Software.

Coordinated the construction of the computer and telephone network on the university campus, its head offices and its Internet connection. Computerised the library system, amongst others. Represented the University before the Ministry of Education in the interconnection process to link the State Universities of Argentina and to link these to the Internet.

Was Secretary of the University (student) Federation (1987), Chairman of the Centre of Engineering Students (1985) and representative for his Faculty on the Superior Council (1987). Founded and chaired the University Cooperative (1986) and a self-managing alternative line of transport to ensure half-priced return tickets for students and neighbours in the area.

He is a Industrial Engineer, resides in Salta, Argentina, was born in Montevideo Uruguay in 1965 and has two children.


dsa at unsa dot edu dot ar