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The World of Peer Production

Christina Haralanova

Free and open source software activist, trainer, user and promoter since 2002. Christina works mainly with women and feminist movements for the appropriation of information and communication technologies through principles of solidarity, software freedom and privacy of information. Masters student in Communications in Montreal, Canada.

Christina Haralanova is a free software activist and researcher since 1999. Originally from Bulgaria, Christina has worked on a number of local and international projects, including the creation of the Women's Information Technologies Transfer (WITT) network for Central and Eastern Europe. Christina was a founding member and managing director of the Internet Rights Bulgaria foundation from 2002 to 2008, a Board member of the Free Software Association in Bulgaria (FSA-Bg) and a LPI proctor from 2003 to 2005.

A trainer in strategic communications and use of free software for women, Christina has organised a number of local and international trainings, including three in Bulgaria (2003 to 2004), one international on-line workshop (in 2003), two international for women from Central and Eastern Europe (2004 and 2005), and a Feminist Tech Exchange in South Africa (2008). In the end of 2005, she participated in a East of England Free and Open Source Software project, by training 10 Community and Voluntary Centres in using Ubuntu/Linux on their desktops.

At present, Christina is writing her master's thesis in Communication at the University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM), on the topic: Women's Participation to Free and Open Source Software Development Projects. Debian GNU/Linux user since 2002.