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Jacco Lammers

Jacco Lammers has been a petrolhead since he can talk. In 1999 he started Industrial Design Engineering at the Delft University of Technology. He graduated there in 2006 on c,mm,n. In that project he has developed the vision, branding and business concept of the open-source car that featured on the 2007 International Amsterdam Motorshow. The idea for an open-source car can from the combination between this love for cars and his (web)services company www.sundayafternoon.nl that he owns since 2004. In 2005 he has won the Michelin Challenge Design with www.bowser.nl. This sustainable car for the Californian market was inspired on the little dog of Paris Hilton. Jacco currently drives a Honda Civic VTEC with "econo-indicator". Jacco will continue his involvement in c,mm,n.

  • www.cmmn.org
  • www.sundayafternoon.nl
  • www.bowser.nl
  • (Dutch) www.groenopweg.nl