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[hox] 4th Oekonux Conference: Mission completed :-)

Dear speaker, dear helpers,

I'm just coming back from the 4th Oekounx conference. Well, I must say
it was really, really a great conference. We had lots and lots of
very, very interesting talks with lots of new food for thought and
many interesting insights. And this is not only my impression but is
shared by the people who have been to the final plenary session :-) .

Though this is certainly a sign of quality what was really important
for me was to bring together all these people from very different
fields so they listen and talk to each other. And this worked so well
:-) ! I love to remember the dinner yesterday evening where 35 of the
most interesting persons during the whole evening constantly talked to
each other about the most interesting topics! In fact there is
probably no other place on this planet where engineers and political
people, thinkers and practitioners, scientists and activists come
together in such an open and constructive atmosphere. That was really,
really great and worth each hour I put into the preparation of this

At this point I'd also would like to thank the local helpers namely
Yuwei with who I worked for over a year to make this conference
happen. Without her and the other local helpers the conference would
not have been possible.

I also want to thank all the speakers and all visitors for their
interesting input and the open-mindedness necessary for real listening
to and learning from each other. All the effort which had been put in
organizing the conference would not have make sense without you.



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