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[hox] Curry on Saturday Night

Are people still interested in going to Rusholme for curry on Saturday night?

If so, I received the following information from a friend of mine, who
is used to organising evenings in Rusholme:

"How many people are you expecting? If it's less than 50 call Sangam
(0161 225 5785) and ask if you can have the upstairs room - that's
where we went after the UKUUG Linux conference in November for
Currybeer. Have the banquet option and they will sort you out. If you
need to split across multiple curry houses, you should probably try Al
Nawaz, as they are one of the few which don't make people ill and can
accommodate large numbers at short notice. Hanaan is also good, though
rather small and you'll be split across tables as they don't have one
large dining area on the same level. The Mughli can cope with large
numbers but service is not fantastic. Avoid Lal Haweli as their
management recently changed and the service is rubbish (40+ minutes
just to get a drink). Everywhere else is either too small, offers
copious amounts of food poisoning or has slow service."

If people think it's a good idea I'm happy to book some seats at
Sangam, but I'll need to have an idea of numbers as well as a time.
The food and service at Sangam is excellent. All of the restaurants
mentioned have a good selection of veggie options too.


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