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Dear Phoebe!

34 minutes ago phoebe moore wrote:
Is there a way to email all conference speakers please to let them know the
booking for dinner tonight is from 7.30 at Dimitri's, and to please confirm
with me.

You can send mail to


All speakers are subscribed to this mailing list. They are informed
and I also forwarded your message.

So far I got positive feedback from Diego and me. I think you and
Michel will also be there. I also mailed the registered visitors many
of them coming from Manchester according to their e-mail addresses.

if someone could give me an update at some point regarding possible numbers
of diners, particularly in the case that there are more than less!!!

I have no exact numbers how many it will be but I think definitely
less than 15.

I have booked for 15 people since I have only heard back from one person,
and they are a bit strict on the numbers particularly if we go over. So it
would be great to get some idea of how many people are actually coming.

Hope this helps nonetheless.



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