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Re: [hox] Data projectors / beamers

Dear Stefan,

All rooms should be equipped with data projectors and desktops. But I'll double check.

Who are on the helpers' list? So far I have these people down as local helpers:

Lucy <lucybridges>
Matt <mat.larsen>
Mick <mick>

Please can you make sure that they are subscribed to the helpers' mailing lists?

Best wishes,

Stefan Merten wrote:
Hi helpers!

Things are getting clearer more and more. Meanwhile we know for sure
in which rooms the conference will take place. They will be in

* University Place

* Arthur Lewis Building

* Humanities Bridgeford Building

I'll put an updated conference schedule to the website this weekend.
Some more information can be found under

One of the things we are looking for is data projectors (beamers) for
the events. Yuwei - who is the main local organizer - told me that on
Friday this is no problem because the rooms we are using are equipped
with beamers.

However, if I got Yuwei correctly on Saturday and Sunday we need
beamers at least for the three main rooms.

Has someone of you access to such beamers and could bring them with
you? May be they can be even borrowed from the University but in this
case this should be for free (because we have an extremely tight



Yuwei Lin | yuwei at ylin dot org


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