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Free Software and Beyond
The World of Peer Production

Franz Nahrada
Day 2
Room Humanities Bridgeford Cordingley
Start time 17:30
Duration 01:30
ID 24
Event type Lecture
Track Theories on peer production
Language English

A Pattern Language Of The Postindustrial Society

Roadmap for Synergy in Times of Change

The term pattern language was coined by Christopher Alexander and it is quite suitable for the attempt to describe a society in which peer-to-peer principles are dominating pillars of the social fabric. Rather than to be derived from a "principle" the p2p- society is built on the mutual reenforcement of patterns, structures that only in their combination and interaction allow to solve the complex challenges of life.

The speech builds on the contribution to the "Open Source Yearbook 2008" but will increase the number of patterns, describe them closer, outline their mutual relations.