The following texts are available.

Author Title Slides / Paper
George DafermosLocal link [g.n.dafermos at tudelft nl] An empirical study of division of labour in free software developmentLocal link Dafermos.pdfLocal link
Stevan HarnadLocal link [harnad at ecs soton ac uk] On The affinities and disaffinities among free software, peer-to-peer access, and open access to peer-reviewed researchLocal link Harnad.pdfLocal link
Tatiana BazzichelliLocal link [imvtb at hum au dk] The Art of NetworkingLocal link Bazzichelli.pdfLocal link
Athina KaratzogianniLocal link [athina k at gmail com] Confronting the difficulties of learning from the open source for contemporary social movementsLocal link Karatzogianni.pdfLocal link
John McKerrellLocal link [john at mckerrell net] Open Street Map SessionLocal link McKerrell.pdfLocal link
Silke MeyerLocal link [silke at silkemeyer net] "Peer reproduction"?Local link Meyer.htmlLocal link
Christina HaralanovaLocal link [christina haralanova gmail com] Women's Participation to Free and Open Source Software DevelopmentLocal link Haralanova.pdfLocal link
Marcin JakubowskiLocal link [joseph dolittle gmail com] Building the World's First, Replicable, Open Source Global VillageLocal link Jakubowski.pdfLocal link
Charles CollisLocal link [charles collis gmail com] The next phase in civilisation: post-scarcity through open-source design and advanced automationLocal link Collis.pdfLocal link
Michel BauwensLocal link [michelsub2004 gmail com] Political Scenarios for a peer to peer worldLocal link Bauwens.pdfLocal link
Jacco LammersLocal link [jlammers sundayafternoon nl] c,mm,n - open-source mobilityLocal link Lammers.pdfLocal link
Philippe AigrainLocal link [philippe aigrain sopinspace com] Conditions for synergy between free non-market exchanges and the economyLocal link Aigrain.pdfLocal link
Raoul VictorLocal link [raoulv club-internet fr] Money and Peer ProductionLocal link Victor.htmlLocal link
Christian SiefkesLocal link [christian siefkes net] Peer Production EverywhereLocal link Siefkes.htmlLocal link
Mathieu O'NeilLocal link [mathieu oneil anu edu au] The social impact of online tribal bureaucracyLocal link ONeil.pdfLocal link
Stefan MertenLocal link [smerten oekonux de] Current limitations of peer production - And ideas on how to overcome themLocal link Merten.htmlLocal link
Diego SaraviaLocal link [diego saravia gmail com] Free Software in Latin America, State and Community.Local link Saravia.htmlLocal link
Franz NahradaLocal link [f nahrada reflex at] A Pattern Language Of The Postindustrial SocietyLocal link Nahrada.htmlLocal link
Herbert HrachovecLocal link [Herbert Hrachovec univie ac at] Socrates, Truth and Peer ProductionLocal link Hrachovec.pdfLocal link
Smári McCarthyLocal link [smari anarchism is] The End of (artificial) ScarcityLocal link McCarthy.pdfLocal link